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How Instruments can be used to fix a graphics performance issue

Lately, I have been investigating an issue a customer of mine’s app showed. My customer’s app is a sort of PDF viewer that also allow to add annotations. Such annotations are not stored in the PDF itself, instead they are managed in a custom way and drawn on top of the PDF in a dedicated […]

iOS6: dynamic autorotation

One of the most intrusive changes brought by iOS6 is the way autorotation is handled in UIViewControllers. If you have an autorotating app for iOS5, you will need to change it to correctly support autorotation under iOS6. If you develop an app which is supposed to run both on iOS5 and iOS6, then you will […]

How to give UIWebView Rounded Corners and a Shadow

If you would like to give your UIWebView rounded corners, you can find several recipes on the web, all ending up in this code snippet: webView_.layer.cornerRadius = 10; webView_.clipsToBounds = YES; This will produce a nice rounded corner web view like in the picture below. Everything wonderful. Now, what about a shadow below the web […]

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