On Comments

I have been recently asked why comments are disabled for this blog. Well, nice question. To be honest, and maybe humble, I do not think that the number of would-be commenters for this blog is so high as to make this an urgent matter. Still, comments are turned off and the main reason is: I […]

Catalan English Spanish Dictionary for iOS — dic:ph

dic:ph is a new concept of multi-dictionary for the iPhone. If you enter a word in any of the supported languages (Catalan, Spanish, and English), dic:ph will search through some resources available online to give you all the linguistic information you might need for that word in any of the supported languages. dic:ph is: a Catalan/English two-way […]

How much does an iOS app cost?

A question that comes up each time someone is interested in building an app for iPhone or iPad is about its cost. This question becomes soon an issue with the customer due to the fact that somehow the world has come to believe that iPhone app are cheap. Well, they are surely cheap to buy, […]

Blender and Collada

Lately I have been playing with 3D graphics and earth models; and with great amusement, as to that. Cocos3D is an incredible open source tool you can use, together with Blender, to accomplish astonishing results. Here a tutorial about how to do basic texture mapping in Blender and here about exporting to POD by means of […]

What’s behind iPhone success

If you read this interesting analysis (via Daring Fireball) by former Windows Phone manager Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel about the status of Android and the relevance of fragmentation in its future, it is easy to understand that a critical role in iOS initial acceptance, then its ubiquitous success, was played by the deal that Apple stroke […]

User Experience @ CES

Among the many reports from CES 2012, this one is really interesting to me because it focuses on User Experience. Indeed, how boring all the hype around device specs when really all that matters is the experience that device grants you! But this is just a reminder of how difficult it is changing mindset, forgetting […]

Boundary value analysis for bug fixing

Anyone who has worked in quality assurance or is serious about testing knows about a technique used to define test cases that is called boundary value analysis. Here is how Wikipedia describes it: Boundary value analysis is a software testing technique in which tests are designed to include representatives of boundary values. [...] Since these […]

Lock-free programming

Lock-free programming is often considered an easy alternative to blocking for handling parallelism. This article offers a very nice introduction to the topic, and it also shows that it is not easy at all! In any case, it makes for an interesting read. Introduction to Lock-free Programming with C++ and Qt  

ASIHTTP is “dead”, long live to it!

I used ASIHTTP in a couple of projects of mine, and always found it was very useful. Unfortunately, its creator and maintainer decided to end its involvement with the project, due to a bunch of reasons that you can read about in his own post. It’s sad anyway reading about “vitriol” being poured upon anyone […]

Smoothing CCGridActions in Cocos2D for iPhone

CCGridActions are a great feature of cocos2d. They provide nice 2D and “3D” effects that you can use to make your app or game appearance more appealing. I have already written about them, mostly about the high cost the exact in terms of CPU time (and FPS), what makes them barely usable in a real, […]

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