Using iOS SDK 5 with Xcode 3

I have been lately using a quite older MacBook Pro (Intel Core Duo 2 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM) for development and found that it is pretty unpractical installing Xcode 4 for regular use due to its slow performance and huge memory footprint. So I looked for a way to run good old Xcode 3, which […]

Thanksgiving Sale on iMandala for iPad/iPhone

If you would like to have a special Thanksgiving Day, what is more advisable than initiating your self to the art of meditating? And what is better than using some clever app and your iPad/iPhone to achieve surprising results? You can try iMandala at 40% of its regular price. Just check it.

dic:ph English Spanish Dictionary for the iPhone

Just to revive this blog, some advertisement blurb on my latest app. Another release in the dic:ph series, dic:ph English Spanish is a novel concept of multidictionary for the iPhone providing: dictionary definition for English words; dictionary definition for Spanish words; translation from/into Spanish/English; conjugation table for Spanish verbs. dic:ph is your perfect companion if […]

Video of The Odyssey for the iPad

I think I have mentioned a few times a collateral project I worked on in the second half of 2011: The Odyssey for the iPad. (The iPhone was not considered from the start due to its smaller size). The project was born as a serious attempt at making an artistic and fiercely poetic version of […]

dic:ph 1.2 soon available from the App Store

Only a few days remains before dic:ph 1.2 becomes available on the App Store. Dic:ph is a novel concept of multilingual dictionary for the iPhone. You can read about it here. Dic:ph includes several improvements offer a better user experience: tap-to-search: tap any word in any result view to automatically look it up; larger fonts […]

iMandala available on the App Store

iMandala is the new app for iOS that you can find on the App Store. iMandala combines time-proven meditation techniques such as mandala and seed syllable visualization, with the soothing sound of Tibetan Bowls and Gongs, and with subtle and relaxing visual effects. Mandalas and seed syllables (Bīja) are employed in several spiritual traditions as […]

App Store: it’s a hard life

It may come as a bit of a shock to many, but the truth was already known to most independent developers for iOS: the App Store is a really hard environment to live in. This has been lately confirmed in some new figures released by mobile analytics firm Adeven, which speak of almost 400.000 (i.e., […]

Calculate CPU usage for iOS

I have recently needed to monitor how much CPU is used by a graphics-intensive app I am developing. Instruments is a wonderful tool to find out performance bottlenecks in your code, but in many cases simply monitoring cpu usage allows for an easier way to find out what is going on (possibly in an unexpected way) […]

Playing a secondary theme in Cocos2D

Cocos2D offers CocosDenshion, an easy to use framework to work with audio. CocosDenshion allows you to play a background music and then some effects on top of that. This is clearly aimed at games and it usually works really well. The difference between background music and effects is summarized as follows: background music is thought […]

A bug in the Dropbox app for iOS?

Try this: launch your Dropbox app on the iPhone/iPad and log in; go to your computer and browse to the Dropbox settings to change your account password; go back to your iPhone/iPad and… surprise, you are still allowed to browse through your documents… So, if you loose your iPhone, no need to rush to change […]

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