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How to detect when an iOS app crashes

Great post on StackOverflow about detecting when an app is killed, due to an exception, a signal, etc. Most crashes can be caught using a 3-fold approach: appWillTerminate exception handler signal handler This translates into using: // installs HandleExceptions as the Uncaught Exception Handler NSSetUncaughtExceptionHandler(&HandleExceptions); // create the signal action structurestruct sigaction newSignalAction; // initialize […]

Online resources to learn Apple’s Swift Language

A collection of resources to start with the new Swift language.

Apple introduces iOS 8 SDK and Xcode 6

Another post for InfoQ: “At its 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced its new mobile operating system, iOS 8, alongside new SDKs and development tools. New Apple software includes over 4000 new APIs, including all new frameworks such as HealthKit, HomeKit, and CloudKit, and enhancements to the platform gaming capabilities.” Read it all.

My latest contribution to InfoQ

In the last couple of months, I have been contributing to InfoQ as a News Editor for the Mobile topic. Although this might not look like the most elegant behaviour, I will link here some of my writing for them. here you have my last one: Android 4.1.1 Vulnerable to Reverse Heartbleed Google announced last […]

What’s new in iOS 7 User Interface – 1

The new iOS 7 has radically changed the way user interface is conceived on iOS. Indeed, the change has been so radical that along the past few months many not so positive comments and criticism could be found on the web. Now that iOS 7 has officially shipped this is starting to change and many […]

Core Graphics Image Interpolation Performance

Recently, I have done quite a bit of Core Graphics programming and discovered that one key point in ensuring that an app performs well is choosing the right CGContext interpolation level. Interpolation, according to the Wikipedia, “is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points.” […]

Using iOS SDK 5 with Xcode 3

I have been lately using a quite older MacBook Pro (Intel Core Duo 2 2.4 GHz, 4GB RAM) for development and found that it is pretty unpractical installing Xcode 4 for regular use due to its slow performance and huge memory footprint. So I looked for a way to run good old Xcode 3, which […]

Video of The Odyssey for the iPad

I think I have mentioned a few times a collateral project I worked on in the second half of 2011: The Odyssey for the iPad. (The iPhone was not considered from the start due to its smaller size). The project was born as a serious attempt at making an artistic and fiercely poetic version of […]

User Experience @ CES

Among the many reports from CES 2012, this one is really interesting to me because it focuses on User Experience. Indeed, how boring all the hype around device specs when really all that matters is the experience that device grants you! But this is just a reminder of how difficult it is changing mindset, forgetting […]

Quick iPhone app for offline traveling

Offline traveling may well be a neologism. The fact is that I am about to set off for a 2 week travel to the South of Italy. Now, I will bring my iPod touch with me, but it will be of limited use, since it has no 3G capability, and anyway 3G roaming is expensive; […]

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